Welcome to the fantasy formula one competition. This competition has no entry fee or prizes and is a fun way of pitting your wits against other people that enjoy the sport of formula one. It has run since around 2000 and at the start of the 2013-2014 season, it went online on this website.

If you haven’t taken part before and would like to join in, register as a new user (there is no entry fee and anybody is welcome to take part).

You will predict drivers that finish in the first 10 places, the pole position driver, driver with the fastest lap and the driver who comes last (or retires first). These are entered using the ‘Update predictions’ page and must be entered before the first qualifying session begins. A reminder email will normally be sent but don’t worry, if you forget to enter predictions before qualifying begins, your previous predictions will automatically apply so you will still be eligible to score points (based on your last set of predictions). Your predictions for each race will be shown in the ‘Show Predictions’ page.

By Monday after each race, the results will be entered and you will see how everybody has scored on the ‘2020 scoreboard’ page. The ‘Scoring’ page explains how points are allocated. The previous season’s results can be found on the website too.

Enjoy the season’s racing, good luck with your predictions and if you have any suggestions to make the competition more exciting, you can email suggestions to my@f1scores.co.uk